Mark Preston
Y - 2003 - 2004

Fab Finger

Fab finger was a brand new concept using scratch card technology on greetings cards, such cards at the time did not exist and were novel and new. These unique cards were created to add fun and excitement to a traditional greetings card. 

The brand range uses a combination games and activities you would not normally associate with greeting cards. Using fun colours, cartoon illustrations and rounded fonts we created a game like feel that appealed to children and adults.

Company The Dreemz Factory
Roles Ideas & Concepts Creative Direction Brand Building Illustration Graphic Design

Screatch Card Technology


The following example shows a before and after of Dr. Loves Love Test. The user plays a love game choosing their path through Dr. Loves love potions to finally choose there love heart and message.


Brand Building

Full Fab Finger Brand Range

There are 20 everyday cards in the brand range, with additional cards for all annual occasions and events.


Graphic Design

Greetings Magazine Advertisement

The Dreemz Factory began life in January 2003, with the mission of innovating novel, fun and imaginative concepts in the greetings card industry. The magazine advertisement was for the New Concept Zone at the Spring Fair.