Mark Preston
Y - 2001 - Present

Logo Design

The following page contain a series of selected Logo’s created over my designing career. Logo design requires a lot of discipline and awareness of the company, brand, product or individual. As a logo designer you end up juggling a number of design disciplines including typography, a little or a lot of illustration, some are very graphical and precise, some artistic and abstracted and some require all these skills and more.

A good logo can say so much that you want to say to your target audience, a bad logo can say so much you should not say to your target audience. Like art or the judgement of what is quality, good logo design can be very illusive, logo design can and usually is a very personal thing.

The art to good logo design is to always edge to a homogenous quality that the majority can recognise and understand, How many logo’s have we seen in our lives? What is most recognisable things in the world? Unless you are brave enough to move against the collective and wish to define what is possible because in the end their really are no limits only quality and personal opinion.

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